Staff Biographies

Dr. Laura Vedder

Dr. Timothy Sasala

Dr. Mara Saideman

Courtney Farrar PNP


Reviews By Patients

January 2016

"Dr Sasala was absolutely lovely, very professional, and kid friendly."
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May 2013

"I have been taking my kids to Dr Gervais for over 8 years and i am so amazed every time at the amazing patient care."
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February 2013

"The doctors are ATTENTIVE, PERSONABLE, and NOT alarmists. They are thorough and very informative for any question you may have. We moved to Bergen County NJ and still go there because we love Dr Sasala and his staff that much."
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December 2010

"Parking garage right next door to office. Backup Drs on staff in case your pediatrician is unavailable. Separate waiting area for infants/newborns so that rambunctious little toddlers don't accidentally hurt your baby. Easy to get appointments. My Dr, is affiliated with St Luke's hospital. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!"
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October 2008

"AN EXCELLENT PEDIATRICIAN WITH BEDSIDE MANNER! - Dr. Sasala is understanding while being an excellent clinician at the same time. He uses doctor sense and common sense. We really like that in any diagnosis he explains all of the options and is clear about what he recommends and why. My 2 year old daughter likes going to the doctor!"
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December 2007

"get the best doc you can find. my ped is brilliant (upenn/suny stonybrook - she's a great diagnostician)
- dr. mara saideman"
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