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Newborn Stool

The first bowel movements (“BMs”) babies have are thick and dark green or black in color.

A breast fed baby's BMs will become yellowish, loose, and "seedy" in texture.
A formula fed baby usually has yellowish to tan BMs that are the texture of
peanut butter. When it comes to your baby's bowel movements (BMs), there
is no "normal" number, color or schedule. The number, color, and texture of
BMs vary greatly in the same baby and between babies of similar age. The
color of the BMs depends on a variety of things, including what a breastfeeding mom is eating, the type of formula, and how often and how much your baby is fed. Iron supplements may cause the BM to appear dark green.

You should not worry about the color of the BM unless it is black, red (bloody), or white.

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