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Prevention of Constipation

Because each child's bowel patterns are different, become familiar with your child's normal bowel patterns. Make note of the usual size and consistency of her stools. This will help you & your pediatrician determine when constipation occurs and how severe the problem is. If your child doesn't have normal bowel movements every 2 - 3 days, or is uncomfortable when stools are passed, she may need help in developing proper bowel habits.

You Can. . .                                                                              
• Encourage your child to drink plenty of water & eat more high-fiber foods.
• Help your child set up a regular toilet routine.
• Encourage your child to be physically active. Exercise along with a   balanced diet provides the foundation for a healthy, active life.

If you are concerned about your child's bowel movements, talk with your pediatrician. A simple change in diet and exercise may be the answer. If not, your pediatrician can suggest a plan that works best for your child.

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